4 Ways to Improve your Morning Routine & Your Day

4 mood boosting ways Improve your Morning Routine success & your Day

A rushed morning is very easy, because it’s so tempting to get that extra sleep. The bed is warm, comfortable and waking up means facing reality and going to work.

We have all been there – laying in bed until the second alarm goes off. Rolling over, maybe scrolling through social media. Then all in a panic scrambling up out of bed, getting dressed, doing your hair and if you’re lucky managing to grab a bite to eat before running out the door.

But what if the morning before work could be your favourite time of the day. – A time that is relaxing, rejuvenating and one that you even look forward to. When you think about it, there are hours of your day that could be used productively!

This is where the morning routine comes in.

We have all read about how starting your day right is the secret to a successful, productive, calm and happy life. But how do you go about creating one and what should be on your morning routine? Well the specifics vary from person to person, maybe you want to read more, maybe you want to get the house work done – whatever you have been wanting to do but can’t seem to find the time – do that!
No matter what you have in mind, there are 4 things that should be on everyone’s morning list.

The bad news is, no matter what, it means waking up earlier. However the good news is they are very simple and there is a reward for doing it – which will have you waking up happy and excited in no time at all.

Here are 4 simple and great activities you should put into your routine that will improve your day.

1: Breathing:

Sounds like a very un-exciting way to start, but taking deep and conscious breaths are a great way to begin your day. This very simple technique is one that you can practice as you begin to wake up in the morning. (It’s best to sit up and prop your pillow behind you (if you haven’t quite got out of bed yet) so that you don’t fall asleep again.)

You start by doing a body awareness check and bringing your attention to your breath, then follow these steps:

  1. Take a big exhale out through your mouth
  2. Inhale through your nose with your mouth closes
  3. Hold your breath for 8 seconds
  4. Exhale for 4 seconds
  5. Repeat 3 to 5 more times

Try and keep your mind focused on only your breathing, if a thought comes into your mind, try not to follow it, but let it leave again naturally and bring your awareness back to your breath.

Starting your morning like this will focus, centre and motivate you for the day ahead.

2: Gratitude

Practice appreciation. There have been many studies done on this and people who spend a couple minutes each day writing down three things that they are grateful for had a much improved quality of day, reported that their overall happiness was higher and felt refreshed.

So, take a minute to be appreciative for three things in your life. Every day when you wake up and write them down. We love the idea of having a gratitude wall right next to your bed, so when you wake it’s the first thing you see. Maybe use a corkboard or a poster you can write on – it doesn’t have to be big. Try and add something to this wall every morning. Not only does this improve your overall wellbeing but it also helps put stressors into perspective.
Want more ideas for how to practice gratitude? Click here for Yoga Goddess Retreats Gratitude Meditation

3: Exercise

This is a no brainer but sometimes can be difficult to get the motivation, especially when it’s cold outside.
Exercise is a very general word so you can make this into whatever works for you. Whether it’s 40 minutes of HIIT training, 20 minutes of cleaning while catching up on a podcast, 15 minutes of Yoga and Meditation or just a quick walk around the park. Getting up, out of bed and having a bit of a (non-stressed) move around will do wonders for your mental health over the day.
To start forming this habit from scratch, first of all – don’t worry about the exercise. Just get up, and get into you fitness clothes, or go to your Yoga mat. Then when you’re there if you feel like doing a workout, great! Keep forming this habit every day, adding a little bit more to it each day, until you are doing it on autopilot.

4: Affirmations

I love and respect myself. I am worthy. I am a Goddess!
Saying things out loud truly is really powerful. The science is out and talking nice to yourself is in! The power of affirmations is very much a real thing. These are positive statements that describe a desired solution or goal. These positive statements are repeated often, in order to get them impressed on the subconscious mind.
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Morning rituals help you start your day with structure. They give you direction. They also allow you some lack of structure towards the end of your day without feeling guilty about it – since you’ve already accomplished everything you’ve set out to do in the earlier hours of the morning – and yes that’s the reward.
You get more free time at the end of the day because you’ve already accomplished a number of things in the morning. Apparently we have 25,000 mornings as adults. When you look at it that way, there are so many different opportunities to take advantage of. So start today and so enough you will wake up easy and with excitement for the morning.

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