Most people internally cringe when they hear the word DETOX!

The truth is that you don’t have to embark on some extreme elimination diet or fasting cleanse to start to detox and align your body from the inside out. You can actually add detoxing as a regular part of your daily life!

Start with these small (but powerful) changes that will create a great foundation on which to build a healthy life.

Below are our top five easy ways to add detoxing into your daily routine, that we focus on at our wellness retreats for women:

1. M E D I T A T E 

Taking just five minutes to sit in silence before checking your phone or email in the morning will set the tone for your whole day. Focus on your breath, observing yourself inhaling and exhaling through your nose. A simple meditation practice is to use your breath and the ancient yoga mantra of SO HUM, which translates to ‘I Am That’, the idea that you are one with the Universe and all of creation..

This meditation can be completed in whatever amount of time you have available. I recommend setting a timer for 10 minutes, but if you only have five minutes, work with what you have. Take a seat that is both comfortable and upright. For ideas on how to sit for meditation, see this post.

  • Close your eyes for one minute and take a few deep, cleansing breaths to relax. Take note of how your mind and body feel.
  • Begin repeating the mantra. So quietly hum to yourself, slowly synchronizing your breath rhythm to the mantra.
  • While inhaling, silently repeat the word “So.”
  • Repeat the word “Hum” silently as you exhale.
  • Continue breathing slowly and aligning your mantra to your breath, taking care not to rush your breath if your mantra begins to speed up.
  • When your mind wanders, simply bring it back to your silent mantra, matching the pace of your mantra to the pace of your breath.
  • When your timer goes off, gently release your mantra and return your focus to your breathing.
  • Allow yourself a minute or two to sit quietly before opening your eyes and reflect on the meaning of So Hum during this quiet time. Consider how, with every breath you take, you are connected to everything on the planet by sharing the air we breathe, the water in the ocean and sky as rain, the earth without man made borders — and in that space, how you are connected to everything, and continuously supported by and supporting all things in world around you.

2. A L K A L I S E  –

Before you have your first tea or coffee, drink this wonderfully alkalizing tonic made from the juice of 1/2 squeezed lemon, tablespoon of honey and sprinkle of cayenne pepper in warm water. This is a detox tool that will change your life! the lemon actually helps to promote healthy digestion and boosts immunity.

3. H Y D R A T E

Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget to drink water while we ingest lots of other types of liquids throughout the day, but the fact is nothing replaces the body’s need for pure water. Dehydration can lead us to think we are hungry or tired, but we’re really just thirsty for some water. When you’re feeling low energy, try drinking a large glass of room temperature water before reaching for your next cup of tea or coffee.

4. M O V E

Moving helps to flush toxins from the body. You don’t have to raise a sweat, even a stroll or a gentle yoga class has great restorative benefits and will leave you feeling inspired and your body glowing. We also love massage, ice plunges and sauna to help remove toxins in a passive way on our retreats that is oh so enjoyable.

5. J U I C E

Add one green juice or smoothie to your day—they’re packed with nutrients! Research is showing that a lot of overeating comes from the body searching for nutrients while we consume nutritionally empty overprocessed foods, so you can hep stop the cravings before they begin with a vitamin and mineral packed green juice.

Interested in learning how to integrate these wellness practices into your life for sustainable health at our retreats?

Visit our Wellness Goddess Retreats for all the details!

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