5 ways to Create Positive Change + Connection through Compassion.

We believe living a well balanced life should positively impact not only ourselves but increase the wellness of those around us.

The idea for the retreats was born out of the desire to make surfing an experience that was available to all women, as at the time there were only basic surf camps geared for men.

It was this challenge of creating a supportive, loving environment where women could learn the sport, which Goddess Retreats founder, Chelsea Ross took upon herself.

What was a humble concept – learning to surf – gained momentum and after a lot of hard work, love and passion the retreats blossomed into an oasis where women could travel alone without fear. A sanctuary where women can come to take time out from stress, reflect on their lives, and discover how to create new opportunities for growth and happiness for themselves in their future.

It was this compassion and desire to positively affect change that lead Goddess Retreats to supporting Baliwise, the amazing foundation that provides skills and education for Balinese women who otherwise can not afford it.

The connection with others; our lovely Goddesses, and the inspirational women at Baliwise is what helps us better connect with ourselves. When we share our light through love and joy, we pass on hope to others while also finding and defining ourselves.

Creating positive changes around us first starts with the practice of compassion.
Compassion is the acknowledgement of shared suffering, mixed with a feeling of empathy and the desire to help.
So how can you extend compassion to those around you, so that you may better connect with yourself?

Here are our 5 ways to extend love, positive change and connection through compassion.

  1. Practice small acts of kindness.
    Give a compliment to a coworker. Volunteer. Smile at a stranger. Remind your friend how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Donate your time.  Lend an ear.
  2. Practice active listening.
    We all want to be heard and understoodPractice attentive listening and to give your undivided attention to the speaker.
  3. Raise your glass.
    Offer a toast and a blessing up into the world. Imagine positive energy radiating through your body,  and extending into the space around you. Picture this loving energy extending beyond yourself and to those around you. Do this often and it will become easier to imagine the rays of compassion extending to those you do not know.
  4. Practice Gratitude Meditation.
    By actively focusing on what is good in your life can with practice can help you extend compassion and light from those you already love to neutral and even difficult people you meet. Learn how to practice Gratitude Meditation here.
  5. Be open to new ideas and ways of thinking
    By choosing to respond with love and understanding in day-to-day encounters (when your  immediate feeling is to be angry or judgmental or cold) you re-organise your brain to think and respond in new ways. This does take practice but it is worth it!

Do you have a way you extend compassion to those you don’t know? Let us know!

Read more about and donate to BaliWise here.
We are currently celebrating our 15th years of our women’s only Bali Retreats. Click here to view our 15th Birthday Special.

extending love and connection through compassion

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