28 Nov 2017

How to Relax When You’re Busy – The Balinese Way.



Getting back to nature is the ultimate reward with views like these!


We often get caught up in our daily routine that we become tense and forget to relax.  For many, finding a way to detox and reconnect with our spirituality can be difficult.

In Bali, one of our favourite ways to relax our mind and soul is to visit the local water spring temples; There are many that can be found surrounding the island.
We often visit the temple when we feel stressed, heavy and out of balance with ourselves.  When we are under pressure with our daily struggles we can be influenced by negative energy they weighs us down.

When you enter the temple, that weight is lifted.  You can feel the spiritual energy that acts like a magnetic field greet you at the front doors.
The first thing you must do when you reach the temple is ask permission from the Gods at the temple. They guide us through the purification to release negative energy that binds to our souls. From the cleanse we feel a sense of freedom – reborn and now enlightened.

The healing water that flows through the temple carries the negative thoughts, worries and doubts away with it also.  When you enter the water, you can feel your shoulders ease and muscles relax.
As it washes your stress away, it rejuvenates your spirit with it and you become more aware, more mindful. You are left with a clear mind and inspired to take on the world with new perspective.

No Water Temple? No Worries!

Even if we are not close any local temples, the Balinese people go to the beach and ask Mother Earth or God to help guide them to a clearer path. This is something that all of us could learn from as a way to relax in our day to day lives. One of the most powerful ways for me to do this is to get in tune with nature and especially with water.  The ocean, to me is like food for the soul and is a remedy like no other!

If you aren’t close to a temple or the ocean, surrounding green nature is just as good!  You can take time out from your busy schedule and reconnect with Mother Nature. She will offer space for you to open focus on your spirituality and cleanse you of negative energy.

Yuni who works here at Goddess Retreats and runs cultural workshops here about a way that the Balinese relax.



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