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14 Jun 2016

2016 Surf Report – Celebrating 20 years of Women Learning to Surf in Bali

Bali’s Original & Best Women’s Surf, Spa & Yoga Retreat.

We’ve had fantastic conditions this year as we celebrate 20 years of women learning to surf in Bali! It’s been our favourite place to teach women to surf because of it’s sandy bottom beaches where you can walk out into waist deep water and catch friendly warm water waves.

Before there were even surf schools, our founder Chelsea Ross first learnt to surf right in the same spot on Legian beach where still we hold our lessons today!

It was surfing with her friends that she decided to start the Southern Hemisphere’s first all female surf retreat. At the time surf travel in Asia & Australia catered exclusively for men, and with surf schools also being a new concept, it was challenging for women to get introduced to the wonderful sport of surfing in a supportive environment…and now so many years later we are thrilled to have contributed to making surfing accessible to women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

“Something wonderful happens when women learn to surf. We grow more confident in ourselves, we find new places in our soul, we wash away the cares of the world and see the big picture of our lives and our place within it.” says Chelsea

Surfing is more than simply a sport; it is a state of mind and way of being that stays with you long after you step out of the ocean!

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