2 Jul 2017

Light is the New Black – Fave Retreat Reads

To me books open up a whole new world. They are beautiful little bibles of knowledge that have been collated by people who have experienced and been through things that we can learn from, grow from, they can open our minds.

I am Hannah, retreat facilitator at Goddess Retreats. I have trained as a life and a health coach and I know the power of personal development. Books I feel are a vital part of that both for me and my clients.

As a life coach I regularly recommend books to my clients, we can learn so much from others. I am very excited to share my inspiration with you for books that I love! Books that have spoken to my soul and helped me in so many ways. Books that I am very excited to share with you and hope they can speak to you like they have to me and my clients.

light is the new black book cover rebbecca CampbellOne of my favourite book that I like to  recommend is  “Light is the New Black’ by Rebecca Campbell. I have been fortunate enough to meet this lady on a few occasions and really admire her work and her message.

This book is such a powerful book for women and for anyone who has felt lost or unsure about their purpose and their calling. This book so eloquently puts life and spirituality into perspective, it gives you ways of identifying what really lights you up, how to follow your calling, listening to your intuition, embracing who we are.

“You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck”

This book is uplifting, inspiring and really motivates you to start working on what you really want in life. It helps you figure out who you are, your purpose, your desires, as well as allowing you to connect more spiritually. For me it was a life changing must read, so much so that I have read it though twice already.

“All I ever needed to do was surrender and let my soul courageously lead. Call off the search party I was inside me all along”

The unusual thing about this book is you can pick it up at almost any chapter and take something beautiful from it.

Below the author shares about the gifts of insight available in her book.

I can’t recommend this book enough for women who are on the search for their life’s purpose and soul’s calling.


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