4 Jul 2017

The Benefits of Bone Broth

Sonia, our Goddess Retreats Manager and Certified Nutritionist, shares on one of her absolutle go-to’s for supporting over all health and especially if you are suffering from immunity or any digestive tract issues.

Sonia has studied Nutritional Medicine and so thoroughly believes in harmonizing our bodies through food and natural supplements to prevent chronic ailments and help to bolster the bodies natural functions.   She believes it’s possible to rectify imbalances while avoiding side effects often found from conventional medicines which are sometimes prescribed to fix one ailments, which subsequently causes an imbalance elsewhere.


Bone Broth is like liquid gold for your gut (stomach) providing an abundance of minerals and at least 17 amino acids.




Stop Leaky Gut Problems

Most of us at some stage have leaky gut which allows large particles of food to pass through our gut lining, resulting in allergies, auto-immune responses and bacterial overload in our blood.

Leaky Gut can also prevent nutrients from being properly absorbed so no matter how many supplements or how well you are eating, poor absorption will make this null and void.

Therefore, you are absolutely winning if you bring this into your daily diet to ensure nutrients to be beautifully absorbed. It is an ancient food that has been used for centuries and has recently regained popularity and rightly so, as one of your most healing diets I highly recommend.

Boost Your Immunity and Reduce Inflammation

Bone broth boosts immunity and contains a high amount of proline – a pre-cursor to collagen – great for repairing gut lining and supporting hair, skin, nails etc and high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphates which hugely support joint health and helps against arthritic problems.

The high number of amino acids found in gelatin including arginine is also particularly beneficial in treating whole body inflammation.

Here is my essential recipe to allow this magical food to be a staple in your daily diet:

  • Organic Grass Fed Bones (Beef or Chicken)  2.5kg or 5 Lbs
  • Brown your Bones (if using Beef )
  • Add bones to slow cooker with 4 Tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar and 1 cup filtered water.
  • Let this sit for 1 hour for vinegar to help leach minerals out the bones.
  • Add more filtered water to cover bones.
  • Add Organic carrots and celery and onion if you like (keep these bulky as you’ll be discarding them later).
  • Bring to boil and discard scum layer off the top.
  • Slow cook for 24-48 hours.
  • In last 10 minutes add parsley.
  • Remove bones and strain liquid.
  • Add some himalayan rock salt if you need
  • Refrigerate and remove fat from top layer if desired
  • Reheat and enjoy a cup or two daily and repeat to harness long term benefits of this health elixir!

One final tip when creating bone broth is to ensure you have sustainably sourced bones. This means that they have come from a source that is free of hormones and antibiotics and have been raised in a humane environment.

When you make a bone broth, you are extracting all the nutrients from the bones, so if the bones you are using are from an animal that has been fed a highly processed diet and living in inhumane conditions, those health issues are directly reflected in the health of its bones and then onto you in the broth.

Generally, bones that are not of a high quality organic well sourced nature will create a slightly green, foamy broth while those that are humanely raised will usually not have any impurities and create a rich or light golden yellow broth.

To find sustainable bones, check your local butcher shop or natural foods store or check the packaging for organic, grass fed or free range products.

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