Finding your Superpower and a Life Full of Energy

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Some people have the ability to reach for and get what they want. They seem to have everything figured out, wonderful things just seem to happen to them, and they are surrounded by opportunities, wealth and people with influence.
What makes them like this? What makes them so naturally powerful that they are able to attract great things to themselves?
It’s a very simple Goddess Retreats idea, and it’s a formula you can work on too.

To increase your natural power: eliminate what drains you of energy and add the things that give you energy.

How do you do this?

Begin by first reducing the number of things that drain and distract you, and replace them with positive and nurturing energy boosters! This a timeless life coach concept that you can use no matter what time or stage you’re at in your life.
Time to break your bad habits, learn to protect yourself from unpleasant people – don’t be afraid to remove any toxic people from your life. Be mindful of what puts you in bad moods, and then get rid of it/them.
While this may seem mean or drastic, you will be rewarded long term with a life of no bad distractions and you will quickly start walking a pathway to your desires.
Building this foundation by removing your energy drains can be hard, but it is necessary and critical to your future success.
Cleaning your closet, sewing that button and deleting those old emails may not sound glamorous but this is the first step of getting what you want in life.
Think of it as a life detox.

Find a life full of energy and reach your desires by following this simple guide:
Start right now, by writing up a list of all the things that drain you, that annoy you, or that you are just putting up with.

Writing something for each category: work, home, your habits, car, family, relationship, body, friends, pets, to name a few.
All the small things that you have been told not to sweat, or that it’s not a ‘big deal’ and to ‘get over’. Write them down, and deal with, one by one, as that’s how you really get over it.
They may be simple things, such as a messy desk, a loud creaky door, or a chipped mug. Or larger things: broken lock, biting your nails, snoring etc. Don’t worry about the how, just write down everything and anything that frustrates you. Then slowly resolve each one, work your way through changing and eliminating what you can. There may be items on your list that you can’t change or that you put up with for a good reason. Leave them and go on to the next.
Once all the easy/simple tasks on your list have been ticked off, you will be surprised at your ability to deal with those that are bigger –  the ones not easily within your power to change. Trust that the solution will come, will change, or will figure itself out.
Inaction may seem illogical after taking so many positive steps, but the action here, is to have faith.

Creating balance and transforming your life takes time, but this is the first step to setting up a future full of energy, positive vibes and self-love.

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