Follow your Bliss by relaxing with Ancient Sound Healing with the Pyramids of Chi.

Our newest Bliss-day offering for Yoga Goddess Retreats is The Pyramids of Chi in Ubud!

Built to the scale of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, the Pyramids of Chi, are the combination of ancient sounds, sacred design, magnetic positioning and water surrounds, resulting in a rewarding healing & relaxing experience.

Located in Balinese village of Bentuyung, 3 kilometres North from the centre of Ubud. The Pyramids of Chi are floating on water, surrounded by rice fields.  This area was the location of the film “Eat, Pray, Love.”

The two large pyramids of the Moon and Sun are built so you may discover complete relaxation and awareness of inner-self through the ancient and spiritual sounds inside these healing structures.

The frequencies generated from the spiritual instruments played in the pyramids, such as the enormous gongs, large pow wow drum, Himalayan bowls or the very emotive didgeridoo have healing effects and relaxing results. Sound has long been recognised as a method for healing, and is often one of the most successful ways to rebalance and harmonise inner health.

Sound healing is known to reduce ‘beta-wave’ brain waves and increase the ‘theta-waves’ within the brain.  This means that the vibrations from the sounds can help boost the immune system, relax the sleeping patterns and put you into deep meditative relaxation.

Watch this video to find out more!
This Bliss Day activity is specially for Yoga Goddesses Retreats.
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