4 Unexpected Ways to Give This Christmas

Amidst the busy chatter of Christmas parties, presents and holidays, we sometimes can get lost in all the indulgence.
I find the simplest way to keep myself in touch with the deeper meaning of Christmas is to take a quick break from my day to reflect.
Think about those who are less fortunate than you and those who may even be alone this time of year.  What seems like a joyous occasion for many might actually be a difficult time for others.

This is why during this season it’s so important to remember, an act of kindness can go a long way. 
My favourite quote to describe this is,

“Even the smallest drop in the ocean creates ripples 360 degrees from where it falls.”

When droplets can go to create waves it goes to show how our actions and our lives create a ripple that affects everyone who interacts with us.

So how can you make someone’s Christmas a little brighter?Here are 4 simple and easy tips you can try leading up to the Christmas season.

 1. Smile At A Stranger

Start off easy, changing someone’s day doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.
A simple smile can turn a bad day around, or give a sense of warmth and comfort to someone when they feel alone.
The best part is, there are no limits – you can do it anywhere, anytime – When you’re on the train, getting lunch or even going for a quick walk.
The small act of grinning even can make you feel better – force it if you need to.

2. Give a Compliment To Someone Around You

A compliment can make a world of a difference. Something so simple can have the greatest impact on people.
If you feel nervous giving a stranger a compliment, don’t worry thats a natural feeling. It is easier to retreat way from speaking out, however there are plenty of people close to you that would appreciate a nice word or two! Your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours shape our day to day lives and often we take that for granted.
So the next time you take sit down at your office or make your way home to your family, greet them with a generous compliment!

3. Spare The Loose Change

Loose change might not be so significant to us, but a little goes a long way for others who may not be so fortunate.  There are so many different ways that donating has been made accessible, some you may have not even noticed that are a part of your everyday lives.

Have you taken a browse at your local cafe or favourite clothing store? Most of these places will have a charity they sponsor and so donating could be as simple as dropping by to get your daily coffee! Or another alternative is to have a rummage through your closet and donate your old clothes to your nearest thrift store!

4. Donate Your Blood

Although donating your blood may not be as simple as the other tips, it definitely takes a step up in making a difference. Spending 15 minutes to donate your blood can change not only someone’s Christmas but their life entirely. Being caught up in all the festivities we forget others deal with bigger concerns like their health or having to tend to a loved one who is ill. Wellness and our health are gifts that need to be cherished and looked after.

So if you’re looking for a way to lift someone’s spirit , there is no better gift than good health!

There you go! 4 easy ways to make yourself and others feel better, and give back this Christmas.

Goddess Retreats Gives Back

At Goddess Retreats, we also embrace giving back to the community and creating a more caring and selfless footprint in the world! We are supporter of Bali-Wise, a foundation dedicated to empowering marginalized women through skills education as a means to develop Sustainable Communities in Indonesia.

More specifically we contribute monthly to BaliWise’s R.O.L.E. Program which focuses on providing skills education to women who otherwise can not afford it within the areas of women’s health; family planning; personal wellness, and grooming; and within work skills such as the English language, formal Bahasa Indonesia, basic computer literacy, and vocational training in cooking, serving, spa therapies, housekeeping, travel tourism and ecotourism.

If you’d also like to partake and contribute to BaliWise, you can do so here! 

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