Self-Love = Healthy Choices made Easy

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The more you can truly love yourself on a deep authentic level, the easier it becomes to make healthy choices. When you stop fighting your body and realize it is your best friend, the one who is literally with you very moment of your life doing all it can to keep you alive and well,  you will naturally want to do all you can to nourish and cherish it.

…and how do you love yourself more? Well that’s just a choice too. Start the practice of choosing to love yourself by taking time throughout the day to become aware and grateful of your body, and let that sense of appreciation be the foundation of the choice to love yourself. There are endless opportunities to connect and take a moment to practice self-love, like when you are in a yoga class or walking from the office, when you lie down to sleep.

Let go of any resistance or critical self talk. You are loveable just as you are now. You deserve your own self-love. Start today to love yourself more and you will find that your body and your whole life will start to transform before your very eyes.

With Love, Light & Seashells


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