Goddess Glow Menu

At Goddess Retreats in Bali, you will experience a realistic and holistic approach to enjoying healthy food, while gently cleansing and rebalancing your body, making you glow from the inside out. Everything in our kitchen is home-made and depends on what is fresh, local, and in abundance at the markets and on our Ubud permaculture farm. Be prepared to enjoy meals bursting with flavour!

Goddess Glow Wellness Menu

Our Goddess Glow Wellness Menu is designed to complement your retreat program and goals.

  • We cater to many types of dietary needs, such as pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, celiac-gluten-free, dairy-free, nut allergies and more.
  • No dishes are repeated in our daily changing menu
  • Every meal is a highly anticipated event to see what delicacies will be enjoyed.
  • Purified water, freshly brewed coffees and a variety of hot and iced teas are available
  • Freshly cut fruit platters, bliss balls and other  snacks
  • Fresh coconut water and cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices available throughout the day.

What’s Included in the Menu

You have a choice from three types of healthy menus on your Bali Retreat:

  • Your choice of our regular retreat healthy Goddess Glow Menu lovingly prepared by our chef includes 16 delicious whole food meals made with ingredients from our Ubud permaculture farm and other local suppliers with cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, nut milks, herbal teas, fresh young coconuts served daily*
  • Wellness Cleanse Menu  focuses on plant based vegan or vegetarian meals, along with cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, nut milks, herbal teas, fresh young coconuts served daily*
  • Ultimate Detox Menu is for those who want to cleanse deeply with 3 days of a selection of 6 cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, nut milks plus fresh young coconuts served daily

All menus include unlimited purified water, freshly brewed coffees, hot and iced tea infusions, ‘jamu’ tonics, cold pressed juices protein shakes and young green coconuts. Daily healthy treats available every day from home-made cacao bliss balls, sweet potato crisps, freshly baked cookies to tropical fruit platters.

*2 dinners not included, so that our guests can sample some of Bali’s dining experiences. We are happy to provide suggestions to suit lifestyle preferences.  

Plant-Based Wellness Cleanse Option

Want to glow from the inside out? Plant based (Vegan) eating and cold-pressed juices a great way to reset your relationship with food and boost your physical and mental wellbeing. If you want to use your retreat time to cleanse your body, then this is the plan for you.

Our plant based cleanse will eliminate all irritants from your diet, allowing your body to truly rest and get back to balance. Our vegan cleansing option contains fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs for a true body cleanse.

You will feel the benefits as you significantly increase the nutritional density in your diet. All our meals, juices and snacks are high in minerals, vitamins and active enzymes. If you are ready to embrace better food habits, stop feeling tired and sluggish and lift your energy levels, our detox cleanse program is just what you need.

Our wellness cleanse option also focuses on replenishing good gut bacteria in your gut biome leading to boosted immunity, more energy, better digestion and less bloating.

Find a sample selection below of our plant based meals, juices and smoothies – please note our menu will vary each retreat vary due to produce and seasonal availability.

Detox Cleanse Menu Details

For those of you who want to go deeper, let us lead you on a personal detoxifying and cleansing journey. Follow a prepared pre-cleanse, juice fast cleanse, and post-cleanse menu, including spa treatments, yoga, and wellbeing activities that will enhance your cleansing reset.

You can choose between our Wellness Cleanse and Ultimate Detox options depending on your cleansing experience and personal health goals.

Our Wellness Cleanse Program includes a combination of cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies, fresh fruit, nuts and light vegan or vegetarian meals. It can be tailored to your cleansing preferences. This option is recommended if:

  • You are new to cleansing & detoxing practices
  • You want to make a healthy change to your eating & self-care habits
  • You don’t like the idea of not eating for  extended periods of time


Our Ultimate Detox Program includes your choice of 3 – 4 days of a liquid-only fast of vegetables and fruit juices, and tonics. This option is recommended if:

  • You have cleansed multiple times, and feel like your ready for a deep cleanse
  • You already don’t consume don’t caffeine, processed sugar, fast food or alcohol regularly
  • You are comfortable with the practice of not eating solid food for an extended period of time

Sample Goddess Glow Wellness Menu

Below is just a small sampling of our regular retreat Goddess Glow Wellness Menu. Our menu changes every retreat to suit seasonal varieties to ensure peak flavor and freshness as we source from local sustainable farmers and our own permaculture farm. (Wellness Cleanse and Ultimate Detox menus will include some items from this sample menu – specifically vegan options, juices and smoothies)

Breakfasts & Smoothie Bowls


  • SIMPLE DELIGHTS – A selection of local organic fruits, home-made jams, local honey & freshly baked bread
  • HOME MADE GRANOLA – Freshly baked with only the good stuff. Pair with our yoghurt and jungle bee honey
  • GOOD ENERGY JAR – Vanilla bean bircher served with acai smoothie, island fruits, a scoop of peanut butter & house made granola
  • TROPICAL SUNRISE BOWL- Dragon fruit blended with banana, mango, mixed berries, coconut water topped with house made granola, strawberries & banana
  • JUNGLE LOVE PANCAKES – Mango & banana buckwheat pancakes with aromatic jungle bee honey
  • HOT MAMA – Scrumptious chili scrambled tofu with mushrooms, pesto, kale & crispy basil
  • GOLDEN GLOW EGGS – Fresh eggs, any way you like them, from our much-loved organic ‘chooks’ on our permaculture farm


Lunches & Dinners


  • FISH TACO BOWL – Toasted corn chip bowl filled with fresh mahi-mahi, shredded organic veggies, guacamole, cheddar cheese, bean salsa & sour cream
  • SAFFRON RICE AGUNG – A traditional Balinese dish with selection of marinated grilled chicken, fish or tofu satay, aromatic curries and vegetables with fresh shredded coconut, crispy corn fitters, glalangal shallot spices and organic saffron rice cone.
  • GOLDEN GOODNESS CURRY – Turmeric chicken or tempe cashew coconut curry with saffron rice
  • GADO LOVE BALI – Crispy tofu & tempe, green amaranth spinach, long beans, cucumber, sprouts, cabbage, baby potatoes, edamame, heritage Bali rice, zesty peanut sauce & pickled side vegetables
  • SUPER FOOD BOWL – Dukkah roast pumpkin, charred broccoli, marinated tempeh, coconut feta, beetroot hummus, organic leaves, mixed nuts & seeds, mixed grains, apple cider vinaigrette
  • BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER WINGS – Crunchy cauliflower, home-made bbq sauce, chipotle aioli & chives
  • SMASHED PUMPKIN FETTA BALL SALAD – Smashed pumpkin balls stuffed with feta on roasted beetroot, shaved fennel, spinach, rocket, candied walnuts, feta & mixed seeds
  • SEAFOOD PLATTER – Freshly caught local fish and prawns chargrilled and served with local vegetables, spices and heritage brown rice




  • JUST DESSERTS – Dairy-free chocolate avo mousse tart
  • LIFE IS SWEET – Homemade dairy-free sorbets; lychee, passionfruit & pineapple
  • POT OF GOLD – Baked pineapple crumble with vanilla and cinnamon
  • BALI BLISS – Sticky vanilla black rice pudding with sweet mango & coconut cream

Healing Tonics & Teas


  • CEREMONIAL CACAO – Ceremonial grade Bali sourced cacao with spiced coconut milk
  • SPICED CHAI – Hand blended spiced chai tea brewed with coconut milk & coconut sugar
  • IMMUNE-BOOSTING TEA  – Lemon, ginger, raw honey, cayenne
  • HIGH VIBE TEAS  – A selection of iced teas made with fresh local flowers & herbs
  • YOUNG GREEN COCONUTS – Fresh coconut water served right in the coconut
  • TRADITIONAL JAMU – Home-made turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne
  • SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE  – The very best from Bali’s fertile mountain top coffee plantation


Juices & Smoothies


  • GODDESS IN THE WILD – Mango, dragonfruit, coconut water, pineapple & passionfruit Juice
  • PARADISE FEELS – Strawberries, watermelon, apple, pineapple, orange juice
  • GREENER GRASS – Spinach, apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon, celery
  • KEEP YOUR COOL –  Cantaloupe, cucumber, celery, lemon juice
  • BERRIES & CREAM – Strawberries, dragon fruit, coconut milk, vanilla, chia seeds (vegan protein optional)
  • MYSTIC MANGO SMOOTHIE – Mango, dates, coco yoghurt, coconut water (protein powder optional)
  • ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE – Banana, mango, papaya, spinach, pineapple smoothie (protein powder optional)
  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL SMOOTHIE – Banana, apple, spinach, papaya, coconut water and activated charcoal

Meal FAQs

Our Goddess Glow Menu includes 16 meals of breakfast lunch and dinners (with 2 dinners unscheduled for our guests to enjoy exploring Bali’s delicious dining options). The meal schedule can be seen on each of our retreat experience pages or simply request a schedule through our enquiry form. Between meals we offer unlimited fresh green coconuts, cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, plant based protein shakes, regular protein shakes, herbal teas, nut and cacao bliss balls, sweet potato crisps and home made cookies.

Our Goddess Glow menu is designed to be a balanced whole food menu based on standard nutrition and portion sizes. It is not designed to be a restrictive diet (unless you choose to do any of our juice cleansing options) or address any specific health issue. We do cater for the following elimination dietary requirements: ~ Vegetarian ~ Vegan ~ Pescatarian ~ Gluten-free ~ Dairy-fee ~ Nut allergies ~ Specific food allergies or certain ingredients can possibly be eliminated due to medical conditions. Please be sure to enquire with our reservations team before making a booking.

While our meals are created to be a healthy balance of whole food sourced locally and cooked from scratch, we are unable to specifically cater to these types of diet plans. ~ Keto ~ Carnivore ~ Paleo ~ Marco or Calorie Counting ~ Low Carb or Carb Counting

We included a variety of both plant and animal protein in all our meal options. Our meals have been designed to provide between 100 gm – 200gm serving size of protein sources for every meal – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We also offer unlimited vegan pea protein and regular protein shakes throughout the day. For plant based protein we serve in the form of: ~ Tofu ~ Tempe ~ Beans ~ Nuts and Seeds ~ Nut and Soy Mylks ~ Grains and Vegetables For Non-vegans Protein is served in the form of: ~ Eggs ~ Dairy ~ Fish ~ Chicken ~ Beef ~ Bacon

While we aren’t an alcohol-free retreat, we do not serve alcohol on the retreat premises, and we encourage our guests to explore the great health benefits of taking a break from alcohol as part of their wellness retreat. We believe all things are great in moderation, and many of our guests enjoy a sunset cocktail on their dinners out during their stay with us in Bali.

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