It’s Never Too Late to Learn Surfing

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Surfing-In a world that often associates youth with adventure, the idea of taking up a new hobby like surfing might seem daunting, especially for ‘women of a certain age’. However, the truth is that it’s never too late to ride the waves and embrace the thrill of surfing. Chelsea also known as ‘Shellsea’, the Founder of Goddess Retreats, started her surf journey at the age of 27 and is still an avid surfer over 25 years later.  




Here are Chelsea’s top 5 reasons why it’s ever too late to take up this exhilarating sport and the numerous benefits that come with it.

1. Physical Fitness and Well-being: Surfing is an excellent full-body workout that engages muscles you might not typically use in your daily activities. Paddling, balancing on the board, and manoeuvring through waves all contribute to increased strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. It’s a fantastic way to stay fit while enjoying the beauty of the ocean.


2. Mental Health and Stress Relief: The rhythmic sound of crashing waves, the feel of saltwater on your skin, and the challenge of mastering a new skill all contribute to a unique form of stress relief. Surfing allows mature women to connect with nature, promoting mindfulness and a sense of calm that can be especially beneficial in our fast-paced lives.


3. Sense of Community: Surfing is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle with a vibrant and inclusive community. Regardless of age, women who take up surfing often find themselves surrounded by supportive surf sisters who share a passion for the ocean. It’s an opportunity to make new friends, share experiences, and be part of a community that spans generations.





4.Overcoming Challenges: Learning to surf later in life presents its own set of challenges, but it also offers a unique sense of accomplishment. Overcoming the initial hurdles, mastering balance, and catching that first wave can be incredibly empowering. It’s a reminder that growth and adventure are not limited by age.


5.Connection with Nature: Surfing provides a direct connection with the natural world. Riding the waves offers a unique perspective of the ocean, allowing mature women to appreciate its vastness, beauty, and unpredictability. This connection fosters a deep appreciation for the environment and a desire to protect it.


In a world where age can sometimes be seen as a limitation, surfing stands as a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to start something new. For women, surfing isn’t just about riding waves; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that promotes physical and mental well-being, fosters a sense of community, and allows for personal growth. So, grab a board, hit the beach, and let the waves become your new playground.


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