Want to dive deeper to get even more benefits on your Goddess Retreat?

Many of our guest just love the completely immersive experience on our retreats, and choose to. It’s join us for two or more back to back retreats, offering a couple of weeks to experience the deep relaxation of letting go of the cares of the world for a longer time.

Often our guests feel that they are peeling off layers as they unravel in a safe supportive and creative space as each week unfolds.

At Goddess Retreats, we run retreats every week of the month, with just 2-4 days between our set retreat program to allow our team to prepare all the divine details you are going to experience on your retreat.

You are always welcome to schedule back-to-back retreat stays for as long as your choose. While most women join us for two retreats, some stay for 21 days or more for the ultimate in a transformational experience.

You can choose to focus on one type of retreat package like surfing, fitness or snow goddess if you want to use your retreat time as an intensive immersion to learn a new sport or entrain new habits.

Alternatively, a popular choice is to explore Bali by staying at both our coastal Seminyak and our Ubud Wellness Sanctuary. Our team are always happy to help you choose the right retreat experience for your personal goals.

Why choose Goddess Retreats for a longer retreat getaway?

One of the most magical things our guests love about Goddess Retreats is our truly caring team who will look after all your retreat details during your stay with us. We do all the work of organising the daily details, so all you need to do is show up and enjoy!

Plus our private women-only sanctuaries are designed to feel like your cozy home away from home.  You can really put up your feet and relax, have your own living spaces and pool to enjoy. The retreat properties in Seminyak, Ubud and Hakuba have a completely different vibe than you would find at on a hotel holiday. You’ll slip into relaxed retreat mode from the time you arrive!

Many of the women while on our retreats ask about staying longer, but usually our dates and rooms can book out 3 – 6 months in advance, so it is very rarely possible

We recommend that you reserve your retreat in advance to ensure that you will be able to secure the dates and room package that you would like to book.

Back-to-Back Retreat Special

Book Back-to-Back Retreats & Get 2 Extra Nights Free Stay!

*Terms &Conditions apply & Subject to Availability. The 2 free nights accomodation are offered between scheduled retreat dates. Limited Time Offer!

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