Best Mother Daughter Holiday Ideas for 2023

Mothers and Daughters have a special bond. and as we get older we often look for ways to show our mom’s how much we appreciate everything she’s done (or is still doing) and give her the gift of magical memorises you can cherish forever.

You might be looking for the perfect gift for your mom or daughter. We all know it’s easier said than done to find the perfect gift, but don’t worry, Goddess Retreats has you covered. Take a trip with your one of the most important people in your life, like your mom,  daughter or sister for a gift that will keep on giving as you reconnect and transform together!

Goddess Retreats is a fantastic choice for mother-daughter holidays!  What better place to take your favorite person, whether you want to rest and relax, escape to an exotic tropical island getaway, or learn about a different culture far away.

No matter how you like to spend time with your mom or daughter, our wide choice of activities you can pick as part of your retreat package will make sure you have a great time together.

From spending days getting pampered on an indulgent spa break to an active holiday that includes hiking, rafting, cycling and surfing, the best mother-daughter vacations give you lots of time to bond, take you to beautiful places, and let you try new things.

Check out our list of the best retreat travel packages for moms and daughters in 2023.


1. Take Time to Get Deeply Pampered Together

Whether your mom needs a break or you and your busy daughter need some time to relax together, we have the perfect spa treat for you: Our Bali Goddess Retreats is a great retreat package for mom and daughter to relax and unwind together. On this decadent 7-day unlimited spa break, a Bali Goddess Retreat offers you the opportunity to spend hours each day enjoying a variety of spa treatments from massages, body scrubs, facials, hair treatments to manicures and pedicures.

This retreat package also includes 3 Bliss days where you can choose to tailor your activities to suit your interests from cultural excursions, creative excursions to active adventures, so you can both craft the perfect holiday to suit your desires. Plus, you can wear matching robes all week long!


2. The Ultimate Bucket List Trip to Bali

For a gift she’ll never forget, make your mum’s 2023 a year like no other with an incredible tour of Bali’s most fascinating places to visit on our Ubud Goddess Retreat. But what makes this trip even more special is you’ll be taken care of by your retreat guide, with eery detail organised before you arrive so all you have to do is show up and enjoy.

You’ll return with stunning holiday snaps of the two of you among the sea of rice paddies, waterfalls, and memories of wonderful restaurants, sacred monkeys, ancient monuments, lotus ponds gardens and of course, the iconic Balinese temples – one of the most beautiful places on earth. The best bit is that you will be able to share the amazing experiences on this once-in-a-lifetime holiday with someone you love.

3. Fantastic Foodie Journey in Bali

Are you a Foodie? Do you love cooking? Then you’ll want to join us on a goddess retreat and choose our Indonesian cooking class bliss day option, where you’ll learn how to cook delicious local cuisine. Dining on our retreats is often a guest highlight and we often get asked about our recipes, so joining us for a cooking class, and exploring Bali’s best bits, this is the staycation to know about in 2023.

You’ll have time to put your culinary skills to the test and learn new recipes, with time to ask questions about the health benefits of the exotic Indonesian spices used in dishes and the chance to explore the the traditional Balinese markets, plus our own one acre permaculture food forest with organic hen house.

4. An Eat, Pray Love inspired Bali Holiday

Missing those Sunday nights on the sofa together watching movies? This year Julie Robert’s is taking our minds back to one of our favourite chick flicks ‘Eat, Pray, Love” with her new movie ‘Ticket to Paradise’.

You can visit Bali and explore the real-life locations from the movies including a historical walking tour of Ubud village, go on rice paddy cycle tour through off the path villages and temples plus experience a guided temple blessing with a Balinese Mangku (holy person).

You’ll be immersed in Bali life and have the opportunity to organise a healing session with a traditional Balinese healer and stay in our Ubud retreat location that overlooks lush jungles and rice fields. Plus, you can explore even further back in time on our private tour of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the teglalang rice terraces and Ubud’s sacred monkey forest.

Watch mother & daughter duo Sherrie and Natalie share about their amazing retreat together in Bali!

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