Goddess Giveback

Goddess Giveback

"If you educate a man, you change an individual. Educate a Woman and you change a Nation"

We believe living a well-balanced spiritual life should positively impact not only ourselves, but increase the wellness of those around us.

Our mission of personal transformation and empowerment of women has led to a partnership with BaliWISE to help create socioeconomic change in the lives of local Balinese women.

Goddess Retreats is proud to contribute every month to the BaliWISE R.O.L.E. Program that  provides skills education for women who otherwise can not afford it within the areas of women’s health; family planning; personal wellness, and grooming; and within work skills such as the English language, formal Bahasa Indonesia, basic computer literacy, and vocational training in cooking, serving, spa therapies, housekeeping, travel tourism and ecotourism.

This six month intensive training course provides internships and work experience that will empower these women to secure a job with a fair salary and fair working conditions.

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