The Goddess Retreats Story

A Spiritual Journey

All great ideas come from humble beginnings and the inspiration for Goddess Retreats came to me one day while basking in the glow of a post-surf sunset with my friends on Legian beach in Bali. We all agreed the best times in our lives have always been when we were simply hanging out in the surf with the “girls”.

Something wonderful happens when women surf. We grow more confident in ourselves, we find new places in our soul, we wash away the cares of the world and see the big picture of our lives and our place within it. Surfing is more than simply a sport; it is a state of mind and way of being that stays with you long after you step out of the ocean.

At the time surf travel in Asia & Australia catered exclusively for men, and with surf schools also being a new concept, it was challenging for women to get introduced to the wonderful sport of surfing in a supportive environment.

I wanted to make the fun and camaraderie I shared with my surf sisters in Bali available for all women to enjoy.

In 2003, I began with a handful of surfboards and a dream I was wildly passionate about. Couple those elements with some supportive friends, and the southern hemisphere’s first women’s solo travel surf retreat was born!



"Follow Your will take you beyond your wildest dreams!"

- Chelsea Ross

About Goddess Retreats Founder

Chelsea Ross
Women's luxury surf retreats story founder Chelsea ross
"I believe we all have a goddess inside ourselves"

Thanks to my adventurous parents, I started globe trotting when I was just a baby and I have never stopped! As well as having a gypsy spirit, I have a deep love of being in, on or under the water. Combining my loves led me to work in the travel, hospitality and water sports industry, such as the prestigious Aman Resorts and Mares Scuba.

My inner Surf Goddess awoke the first time I headed out into the waves of Bali’s Legian Beach, with board in hand, 20 years ago in the mid-90’s.

With professional surf schools yet to be invented, surfing was passed individually from surfer to surfer (usually those individuals being males only), and so the sport was essentially a boys club and not easily accessible or encouraged for women.  Even women’s professional surfing was still emerging at the time, and so I was very lucky to be taught by one of its early pioneers.

My Surf Goddess mentor passed on to my friends and I, the soul of surfing and joy of hanging out with a positive ‘goddess gang’ where we supported each other in expressing our own uniqueness and encouraging each other to achieve our individual dreams.

Women's spiritual yoga luxury retreats story
"Do what you love and share the love"

After awakening in the waves, I felt drawn to embark on a spiritual journey of discovery which lead me to live on a yoga and meditation retreat ashram in Assisi, Italy. From there I moved to Byron Bay to continue my surf and yoga mastery, along with exploring a wide variety of spiritual self-development pathways from crystal and energetic healing, astrology, aromatherapy and tarot card reading, to studying Gestalt therapy.

Following the wise words of my surf mentor who guided me to “do what you love and you will always be on the right path”, I became an accredited professional life coach and workshop leader working with international clients both privately and with corporations focusing on work/life balance and helping people live their lives to their highest potential.


Women's spiritual luxury retreats Bali story
"I am passionate about creating positive experiences for women"

When I first opened Goddess Retreats, there were only basic surf camps that were geared for men. The tended to be housed in grass huts, supplying cold showers and a warm beer at the end of a day of surfing only the most advanced breaks.

By creating the retreats I am thrilled to have contributed to making surfing accessible to women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Now in my mid-fourties, I am also proud to be a glorious example that you don’t have to fit the media’s image of a “surfer girl” to experience the joy of surfing.

Eight years later, I created Bali Goddess Retreats, our yoga centric retreat for our sisters who’d like another blissful experience outside of surfing.

Our continual evolution led to offer Snow Goddess Retreats in Japan and Fit Goddess Retreats.

All of our offerings are about holding a place where women can have a huge amount of healthy balanced fun as they treat themselves to a truly transformative journey.



Women's spiritual health retreat story
"where they can fully experience the joy of being the best of themselves"

Today, as the Founder of Goddess Retreats, I am privileged to combine all my life’s passions by offering a space where women can fully experience the joy of being the best of themselves—strong, sensual, smart, silly and full of life!

Our retreats provide a fantastic environment and culture for those who want some “me” time, whether they are stressed out professionals, busy mums or adventurous, free spirits.

I was inspired to create “Goddess Retreats” because I wanted to provide a space where women could not only have a fun healthy holiday, but also have a very personal, life-transforming experience in a truly supportive retreat environment.

I designed our retreats as an oasis where women could take time out and reflect on their lives, while also discovering how to create new opportunities for growth and happiness for themselves in the future.


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