Self-Love 101 – Put Yourself First & The Rest will Follow

Dear Gorgeous Goddesses,

This week our theme at the retreats is all about SELF – LOVE.

In the midst of how hectic life can be, job, family, responsibilities, it is important to remind ourselves why we are here and the bigger picture of life.

We are a spiritual soul experiencing a human life whose purpose is to learn and grow everyday. With this in mind keep track of the themes in your life that have caused heartache and realize the core issue of this theme is your higher self trying to teach you the lesson, so you can truly take in all the joy that this life has to offer and transcend your difficulties.

Take time for yourself and pay attention to these themes, which most likely have to do with self evolution through self love, as it seems the people we are hardest on as women is usually ourselves. Today have a heart-filling cup of self-love and make conscious decision today to be gentler with yourself because you above all else deserve your love and respect. Take good care of yourselves Goddesses!

With Lots of Love & Seashells,
Goddess Retreats

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