As Bali’s pioneer in creating yoga & wellness retreats for women since 2003, we are truly passionate about providing a positive environment and empowering experiences that can be transformative, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Whether your are travelling with friends or going solo, from the moment you step off the plane you are taken care of, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Our retreat guests explore the world, learn new skills, find inner and outer balance, nourish their bodies and souls, while also having lots of fun! We provide the perfect mix of relaxation and action, health and indulgence, with the joy of making new friends with other women who are on the same path of holiday adventure intertwined with self-illumination.

Consistently our guests are delighted to discover that the biggest highlight on our retreats is the other women who they share the week with. Something wonderful happens when women from all ages and around the world come together and share their experiences. There is a caring, funny and wise bonding that happens when you create a dedicated group space for this to unfold.

Our focus and passion for the past 20 years is to create magical moments, and we are delighted to share here a just a few of our guest’s experiences, from solo travelers to mothers and daughters and friends traveling together to our Bali Goddess Retreats.

After an all inclusive week at our Ubud Yoga Goddess Retreat our Goddesses reflect on their experiences and how they have changed over the course of the Retreat.

“I think all women are Goddess and you have to figure that out when you get here… It’s the perfect kind of retreat.
…I know I have changed, I’m a lot more positive.”

Do you need to awaken, inspire and reconnect with joy? .
Do you need to realign to the deep richness of life, self-love and empowerment?
Do you want to experience a soulful journey to a higher level of inspiration and transformation in an exotic place?

Come with us on a MAGICAL journey to ancient Ubud, Bali, where you will be treated to an all inclusive week at our blissful UBUD Yoga Goddess Retreat! – A Women’s only Bali Wellness, Detox and Health Retreat. With cultural activities, divine Spa Treatments and so much more…

Gorgeous Goddess reconnects with herself and as a solo traveller finds like minded women who are now lifelong friends. Watch the video testimonial the Goddess who attended our Ubud Yoga Goddess Retreat in July 2018.

Solo Travelers come together to make new friends and meet new people. Goddess Retreats is an all inclusive week, where your vacation is organised for you. From nourishing food, Bali cultural immersion Days, unlimited spa treatments and massages, all your needs are anticipated. Become re-connected to who you are on a Women’s only Bali Wellness and Health Retreat.

“Best vacation ever.”

Mother and Daughter learn to rebond and reconnect on a Goddess Retreat in Bali.
They share their trip experience and highlights, including White Water Rafting. For their first vacation together as adults, their retreat is focused on relaxation time. Goddess Retreats are divine getaways especially for women and solo travelers looking for a healthy holiday in Bali.

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