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At Goddess Retreats, it is our mission as women to contribute to the creation of spaces which value and empower women.

We love doing this both in our magical space on the retreat and also in our extended community.

In Bali we provide ongoing support to Bali WISE which is an amazing foundation dedicated to empowering marginalised women through skills education as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia.

We a proud supporters of this program as it is one that it genuinely gives young women the tools to make long term change in their lives, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity of witnessing this every day since Tesa joined us as a BaliWise graduate.

We wanted to reprint this beautiful story written by Bali WISE about our beloved Tesa to share how what you chose to contribute to can dramatically help to make the world a happier place…one precious person at a time!


Christmas, 2 years ago, Tesa Samantha was at the end of life’s rope.

 The previous year here father had become handicapped after being physically assaulted. Her mother tried to keep the family electronics business afloat, but did not have the skills and was forced to close and face bankruptcy. The family’s income had vanished, the family was in debt and life had become a living hell. Between looking after and getting care for her blind and brain damaged father, helping her mother produce traditional snack for a meager insufficient income, taking care of her younger brothers and sister and then trying to get a skills education, life was tough to say the least. Her uncle tried to help where he could, but he also had a large family and bills to pay.

 Life could not get much worse.

 Tessa applied to Bali WISE for a scholarship. She had managed to improve her English and keep a cheery outlook, even faced with such difficulties. A lesson to us all.

 She worked her way through the 6 month Bali WISE Course, sending all her Bali WISE stipend to her mother to help keep them afloat, while gaining skills.

Tesa graduated Top of her Class at Bali WISE.

She then gained a quality job with Goddess Retreats who pay way above minimum salary and run a happy but serious ship.

Thanks to Goddess Retreats and Tesa hard and enthusiastic work she has been employed for twelve months now and become part of the team. She has since paid off the family debt, got her father the treatment he needed, looked after her mother and treated her to a holiday and is helping put her brothers and sister through college.

Thank you to Goddess Retreats for sponsoring Tesa through her 6 months skills education and welcoming her into your team. A great employer who gives back to Bali and her peoples.

We want to thank all the goddesses who join our retreats in making it possible for us to give back to our community and by creating a more caring and selfless footprint in the world.

At Goddess Retreats we are proud to be a major monthly sponsor to BaliWise’s Skills Education Program which focuses on providing skills education to young women who otherwise can not afford it within the areas of women’s health; family planning; personal wellness, and grooming; and within work skills such as the English language, basic computer literacy, and vocational training in cooking, serving, spa therapies, housekeeping, travel tourism and ecotourism.

Find out more about the Bali WISE Charity Programs

If you would also like to add your support by donating to Bali WISE  you can click the paypal button below.


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