Top 10 Fun Foodie Places to Eat Bali

Bali boasts stunning restaurant locations and menus to impress! If you’re serious about your gourmet adventures, and want to try out some of the hottest spots around Seminyak to Canggu these are the ones you are going to want to add to your Bali bucket list!

1. THE LAWN – Canggu, Bali

From 11 a.m. on, you can hang out on the lawn and get a tan while watching long board surfers ride the Canggu waves right in front of the building. Order some snacks and a carafe of sangria to share as you watch another beautiful sunset in Bali. Move inside to drink wine and eat with your friends and stay up late drinking cocktails and eating delicious food. What Canggu was missing before is no longer missing. Sunday Sundowns have reached a whole new level, where casual and classy meet and the ocean meets The Lawn.

2. FAT MERMAID – Canggu, Bali

Fat Mermaid is a modern take on the mystic culture of Indonesia. It is located in the lively coastal neighbourhood of Canggu. With a menu that blends East and West in tasty ways, you can go on a culinary journey that will take you on a mythical journey.

Our restaurant is just a short walk from Bali’s best surfing spot. It has a full bar with a unique atmosphere and a team of fun and friendly people. Fat Mermaid is a unique experience that celebrates art, food, and culture. It shows what life is like in the tropics.

Fat Mermaid has a beautiful futuristic design, and the use of bright colours and lights creates an eclectic and lively atmosphere that blends well with Bali’s laid-back island fun and endless summer vibe.

On Jalan Nelayan, not far from Bali’s best surf spot, there is a restaurant with a full bar that serves a variety of tasty drinks. This makes it the perfect place to stop before or after hitting the waves. When it comes to food, go on a mythical journey that will take you on a culinary adventure.

Fat Mermaid serves delicious Western food with a definite Asian twist. The uniqueness of the restaurant comes through in the unique flavours.

3. MANO BEACH HOUSE – Petitengit, Bali

Mano takes the idea of a “beach house” and reimagines it as a stylish and welcoming place where everyone can try a new way of living slowly and relaxing. The private location near Petitenget Beach has beautiful sunsets and cool breezes, making it easy to host guests in style. Enjoy the ever-changing views, sophisticated cocktails, a sparkling pool, dinner under the stars, and relaxing music.

From breakfast to dinner, you can enjoy Mano’s international, modern menu with a unique local touch. It’s made for a comfortable, easygoing dining experience by the beach. Every dish has bright flavours and a new take on a beach club favourite.

4. MOTEL MEXICOLA – Seminyak, Bali

The MOTEL MEXICOLA is a tropical oasis hidden between the coconut palms and glassy waves of Seminyak, Bali. It offers new twists on traditional Comida Mexicana dishes and new ways to make simple, tasty street food and bites and amazing cocktails!

5. SEA CIRCUS – Seminyak, Bali

Don’t let the name fool you; it’s neither a ship nor a circus. On the other hand, Sea Circus has a lively menu with some of the best sea and land dishes as well as the freshest garden options. This busy restaurant is known for its fish tacos, roast sirloin steak, and acai bowls, as well as its fresh coffee (there’s even a coffee room) and homemade gelato.

The decor at Sea Circus is beachy, with pastel yellow and turquoise colours, wooden fixtures, and sink pipes that stick out. There are also paintings of common circus animals and bright works of art made by artists and designers working together.

6. NOOK – Canggu, Bali

Nook is a place to get away to the green and natural beauty of Bali. It is tucked away next to one of the busiest parts of Seminyak. With a view of lush rice fields in every direction. It serves food that is a mix of Balinese, Indonesian, and Western styles.

7. MAMA SAN- Seminyak, Bali

At Mamasan, you can feel like you’re in Shanghai in the 1920s, with marble-topped mah-jong tables and huge tan leather Chesterfields, all in a high-ceilinged industrial warehouse. While you eat, you can look up and see Mama San in all her glory staring down at you, and you can think about a travelogue of old-style photos. Vintage clocks and a Chinese-patterned mirror stand next to colourful flower arrangements that look like they came from the 1970s. On the first floor, there are two stairs, one on each side of a service bar, that go up a brick wall to the second floor.

The dining rooms at Mama San are all air-conditioned. The ground floor can seat up to 70 people at once and is open for lunch from noon to three and dinner from six to eleven. Lunch reservations are recommended, and dinner reservations are required. Upstairs, the bar and kitchen are open from 6:30 p.m. until late.

8. KYND – Petitengit, Bali

KYND community is a plant-based institution in Seminyak. There are a lot of fresh juices, smoothies, burgers, and salad bowls on the menu. Every day at 6AM, this is the place to go for your first cup of coffee. Make sure to try their famous “Berry Tropical” smoothie bowl and “Kynd Big Mac” burger, and don’t forget to take a picture in front of the super cute pink mural on the way out! Come back later in the evening to try their amazing dinner menu and delicious cocktails, then get a scoop of their super-instagrammable 100% plant-based gelato.

9. LA BARISA – Canggu, Bali

Echo Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali, and La Brisa is right next to it. It has beautiful food that comes from sustainable sources and real Balinese hospitality.

The name of the beach club, “La Brisa,” gives you a good idea of what it’s all about. “Brisa” means “sea breeze,” which can be wild and enticing or calm and soothing. La Brisa Bali was built with wood from more than 500 old fisherman boats and was decorated by hand. Today, La Brisa is one of the hippest and most eco-friendly places on the island. It has a real Balinese vibe and serves some of the best food and drinks.

The menu here is for people who love seafood, and the main goal is to serve local, sustainable food at a reasonable price. All of the fish sold at la Brisa is caught by Balinese fishermen using a line. The fish is delivered every day, and almost all of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from the island itself.

The venue itself is a work of art that cannot be explained with words alone. To fully understand and appreciate the majesty and authenticity of the place, you have to go there and see it for yourself. For one thing, this place has the best attention to detail, and every little thing tells a different story.

As soon as you step foot in La Brisa, you are invited to a home. The simple home of a fisherman in Bali. With sand, seashells, antique buoys, hand-made fishing rods, straw baskets, fishing nets, and hand-woven chairs, benches, and swings with an ocean theme, each room was decorated by hand. All of these things came together to make a wonderful illusion of going back in time. it feels almost magical.

It’s much more than a place. It’s an adventure. The best of Bali can be found here, whether it’s a cool morning, a sunny afternoon, or the golden hour around sunset.

10. BAMBU RESTAURANT – Petitengit, Bali

Bambu is a hidden gem specializing in classic Indonesian cuisine with a fresh twist. Chicken sate, prawns, spicy sambal; it’s everything you love about the small warungs (local cafes) in a gourmet setting. For dessert, try the dadar gulung – green pandan crepes wrapped around coconut and palm sugar, served with ice cream.

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