Mid – Year Resolution Reboot


Whether we like to admit it or not, most of our years start with some form of New Year’s resolutions. Some of us write them out in length, and some of us just tick them off in the back of our mind, but ultimately everybody has a wish list of goals we would like to achieve and habits we would like to leave behind.

The other fact is that for every good intention we have at the beginning of the year, many of our resolutions fall by the wayside as our lives get crammed full of …’life’!

Now that we have reached the mid-year, it’s a great time to revisit and reboot your resolutions. Here are some simple ways you can determine which resolutions are worth holding yourself to and which ones to let go of.

It’s Ok to be a Quitter

What?! I hear you say! Yes, it’s ok to be a quitter. Success can be determined not only by what you achieve, but also the wisdom of knowing when to let go. This is because you only have finite time and energy, so you want to channel it into areas that are going to return your investment of that time and energy. Spending time thinking about goals your not doing anything about is just mental and energetic clutter that actually hold you back from achieving the happiness your seeking.

Dump Dead Goals

If you have had a goal, big or small for over 3 years it’s most probably a dead goal…otherwise known as a ‘should’. Although your mind will want to protest, the most sensible thing to do is to drop the goal and focus your energy on goals that inspire you, because no amount of flogging this dead goal will get it across the line. If you haven’t achieved them by now the goal is either too big, and needs to be broken down into a smaller more achievable steps, or it is something that is a ‘should’ that you don’t really want to achieve but just think it’s the ‘right thing’ to do.

Baby Steps will Get you There

If your goal is too big, break it down into baby steps. For example, if you have all or nothing goals like “I am going to work out 5 days a week with a personal trainer and lose 20 kg” or “I am going to build a wildly successful online jewellery business” and you find you haven’t acted on them, then take this time to reevaluate your goals and cut them down to small steps that you can go out an achieve tomorrow. For example “I am going to commit to 2 training sessions a week with a personal trainer that i will never miss” and “I will aim to design a 10 piece collection by a certain date’ or ” I will put aside $XX every week to save up the $xxx to invest my businesses website”.

Measure It… 1, 2, 3

It’s very important when creating goals that they can be measured. You need a way of tracking how you are going and more importantly to know when to celebrate when you have achieved it! Another tip to making sure you achieve your goals is to make sure you don’t have too many; so choose no more than 3 to work on at a time. Write your goals down and memorise them so that you can count them on one hand ( or 3 fingers). By having clear goals you can achieve and remember, you will be more likely to be actively working on them.

Follow Your Energy

When replacing your dead goals with new ones, take a moment to see where your energy naturally wants to go. If you let you thought drift lay freely you might find one thing that lights up in your mind as something your really want to do. For example, ‘I really want to take a (fill in the blank – scuba diving, creative writing, aromatherapy, yoga teacher training) course.’ or ‘I really want to travel to see the Grand Canyon’ or ‘I really want to see if i can run a half marathon’. Whatever it is, as long as you feel naturally inspired to do it, and the word ‘should’ is nowhere to be found near it, then this is a goal worth going after!

…and don’t forget to Celebrate!

When you are getting clear on your goals, also get clear on how you are going to reward yourself when you achieve them. And no…the achieving of the goal is not reward enough in itself! If it’s a health goal reward yourself with a new clothing item or health accessory such as an extra special protein shaker bottle that will remind you of what you have accomplished, if it’s for business it can be a holiday or something as simple as some really beautiful stationary items. If it’s for keeping your house clean, splurge on a vase of your favourite flowers. Big or small there are endless ways to celebrate, so get creative and inspired to reboot your New Years resolutions!

Love, Light & Seashells


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