18 Oct 2017

The 5 Best Ways to Relax and Destress.

Stress can be inevitable. Sometimes its good for you – its gives you that extra push to get things done. But we all know too much stress is bad for your health and wellbeing.
When the pressures of work and life start to outweigh the things we want to do. We need to have methods in place to make sure we can cope.

So what do we do? To be the ~masters of our emotions, lift the weight off our shoulders and sink into our happy place?
Well here are our best of the best tips for unwinding, relaxing and distressing after a long day.


Everybody goes on about meditation for a reason – it really does help. Taking 10 minutes to practice mindfulness, (that is consciously being present and focusing your mind) can work wonders for your mental health.
Exercising is good for a body thats been still, meditation is good for a mind thats been busy.
So how do you meditate? Find a quiet spot free from too much sound and outside influence. Close your eyes, let your shoulders drop and focus on your breathing. Inhale for 9 seconds, exhale for 9 seconds.
Using this method, you consciously slow your heart rate and reduce anxiety. Taking the time to do this, morning or evening is a good way to build up your residence to dealing with stress.


Exercise! I’ve already mentioned it. It’s good to workout those muscles that have been sitting all day. – But apart from this, a workout can also relax the mind. Think of walking up a hill and its starting to get hard, so you start counting. 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 in your mind till you make it to the top. Suddenly you’re focused, suddenly you’re not stressed and suddenly you feel… good!
I’m not saying you have to go to the gym or take up an exercise program.  However if you need to blow of steam, my tip is to go for a walk to the shops.
If you walk to your local grocer you get to buy yourself a treat when you get there.


Maybe a walking isn’t your thing. Well you can still get bonus exercise points by putting on some music and dancing. IF its not appropriate to bust a move, listening to your favourite tracks, is an instant mood booster! A good song can send your endorphins way up! By putting in your headphones you also disconnect, meaning you can listen to those otherwise cringe worthy 90’s dance tunes in peace!


Making art doesn’t have to be for any one but yourself. Its your self expression, and its a great way to relax. People sometimes say to me “I can’t draw.” What you are really saying is that I’m comparing myself and I don’t think I’m very good. My answer is: you’re as good as you need to be. Art therapy doesn’t have to be perfect, it has one purpose. To help you relax. 
So pick up your pencil, grab your knitting needles, pull out that paint brush or bring out your cook book. The goal is to make something, craft something and let everything else go. Focusing on one task at a time means you mind is present, you put in all your effort and your result is relaxation!


Log out of your emails. Put your phone on do not disturb and take a time out.
Being connected, is making us all unhappier. It’s easy to find others who are more successful, more beautiful, more, more, more. Before you know it, its been an hour and you’ve done nothing but scroll. Well, put the phone down. Turn off the computer and step away. Force yourself to spend an hour unplugged in the evening and before bed. It’s hard, but practice unplugging everyday and soon it will be a habit.
Pro tip – the best thing I ever did was deleting the Facebook app. – I can still log in, through the browser but I no longer get notifications that pull me back. Plus, I’ve got a lot of space back on my phone – which was a major bonus!

Let me know your best tips for relaxing!



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