a woman's awakening solo travel beach meditation

2 Sep 2016

Practicing Extreme Self-Acceptance – Meditation Moments for Life’s Journey

Before you head out today on your path, whether its leads you to work, to the ocean, to your yoga mat or far off places across the globe…. Invite your ‘self’ to practice a moment of ‘Extreme Self-Acceptance’.

a woman's awakening solo travel beach meditation

Self-Acceptance shouldn’t be conditional. It is insanity to withhold from yourself all the love and support you are able to give as you move through your life because you are waiting until you achieve an imagined ‘ideal’ to feel like you really ‘deserve it’.

Understand that there is truly no such thing as perfection. Everything is imperfect and temporary.

Sensing this truth, you can focus on expanding the feeling of acceptance and love to encompass yourself just as you are now…in this very moment, breathing in and out.

Enjoy being in your skin as it is right now, enjoy doing things ‘imperfectly’ today, because perfection is just an illusion. and you can let go of that idea and watch it drift away like the wisp of a cloud in the sky, leaving you in your beauty and truth to fully enjoy this moment of self-acceptance.

When we accept ourselves just as we are today, we are free to feel the joy and love we may have been withholding from ourselves, then we are free to be liberated to express what lies deep within ourselves without fear and then we are free to change and transform into new states naturally as all things do.

Wishing you a wonderful day of blissful self-acceptance!

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