28 Nov 2017

The Complete Beginners Guide to Meditating


Meditation can be easy with 10 minutes of practice a day!

Most of us live a very hectic life and with the world being so fast-paced, we sometimes don’t even have time to take a breath. As result of that, it’s very hard to wind down and de-stress. This can result in your inner balance being off and in the long term this is bad for your health. 

I see a lot of women coming to the retreat, fresh from traveling and transit with such urgency to getaway and detox their busy lives. Yet after a couple of days being at the retreat and doing a lot of yoga, meditation, eating nourishing food and just having time to reconnect with oneself, you start seeing the change in everyone. Everyone seems to slowly relax and become at ease with their own bodies.
Yoga gives you mindfulness. Nourishing meals get you back into balance. While mediation, is all about letting go and discovering inner wellness. In this way a Goddess Retreat can be more of a Health Retreat!

You can add this sense of balance and zen in your daily life too! One of my favourite ways to relax and bliss out is through meditation.
Now to be completely honest, I wasn’t a fan with meditating when I began my journey. It was only around the last 5 years that I started to appreciate the benefits.

I understand that when you’re just starting out, meditating is challenging and no easy task! Or maybe you’re skeptical, but let me say this. There is a -reason- that everyone talks about it.  

You don’t need to start meditating for half an hour everyday. When I first began, I would practice for only 10 minutes every night just before bed. When you get use to channelling your energy you can gradually increase your time. I am certain that just after a week, you’ll feel different and balancing life won’t be so stressful.

So here is our beginner’s guide to meditating.

Find a Space.
I have a little altar with flowers and my favourite Ganesha resting alongside my crystals. I also like to light a candle and a few incense sticks to create a more peaceful atmosphere.You don’t need to have an altar to meditate. Theres no best space, but make sure you’re in an area that makes you comfortable and aware. A good idea is to turn off the lights and use candles, it creates an easy opportunity to reflect and de-stress.

Find a time.
I  personally like to meditate in the evening before I go to bed as it helps me to reconnect with myself and to wind down. However some people also like to meditate in the morning, so pick a time of day where you’ll find it easiest to relax and which fits in with your lifestyle.

Start slow.
10 minutes to start with. A good idea is to set a gentle alarm, so that you have to continue until it goes off.  Once you’re comfortable you can gradually increase the time. I find meditating for 20 minutes every night works best for me.   

Observe your breath.
You can start to practice by just observing your breath. If it’s too distracting you can try the 478 breathing exercise instead.
So you’re inhaling for 4, hold for 7 and exhaling for 8.
This breathing exercise helps to slow down your thinking as well as your nervous system.

When you’re well practiced in this breathing method you can try others. Meditations like body scanning or mantra meditation are good to try.
There are so many ways to be in touch with your spirituality, don’t be afraid to try out and find a meditation that best suits you.

So there you go goddesses, it’s really not hard to meditate and we all can spare 10 minutes for our own health and promotion of self -love!  Happy meditating.

Lots of love from Bali

Goddess Wid xx


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